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Welcome to ReMin

The funding guideline "Resource-efficient circular economy - construction and mineral material cycles (ReMin)" is a measure to implement the BMBF research concept "Resource-efficient circular economy" and part of the "Research for sustainable development - FONA" strategy. The aim of the funding is to further promote the expansion of the circular economy. The focus is on the construction industry with its high demand for raw materials and the expanded use of secondary raw materials from construction waste, slag, ash and mining residues.

The thematic priorities of the funding are

Building in the circular economy: new design concepts and innovative building products, e.g.

∙ Avoidance of materials that can make recycling more difficult ∙ Increased use of used building components and easily separable components ∙ Evaluation of new building materials ∙ Forecast of material flows from the dismantling of buildings ∙ Creation of material registers

Utilization of mineral material flows: construction waste, mining residues, ashes, dusts, slags, e.g.

∙ Development of technologies for processing mineral material flows (e.g. sorting technologies) ∙ Production of high-quality building materials ∙ Recovery of gypsum ∙ Harmless recycling of contaminants (e.g. asbestos) ∙ Obstacles and framework conditions ∙ Standardization and standardization